How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Jeans

perfect pair of jeans

One item of clothing you’ll find in almost every wardrobe is a pair of blue jeans. Denim is a wardrobe essential for men, while women choose jeans for style. When it comes to buying, we’ll try on at least four pairs before committing. Even when we do, we’re not always happy with our purchase. So it’s no surprise we own on average five pairs per person. By following these rules you’ll learn how to pick the perfect pair of jeans — and save space in your wardrobe.

Know what suits you
Jeans should reflect your personality, so don’t try to keep up with the latest trend. Choose a well-fitting style and classic colour and your jeans will be timeless. Jennifer Aniston can pull off any look, but when it comes to jeans she’s a boyfriend-style gal.

Choose comfort over style
If you live in your jeans then comfort should be important. Stretch denim will work for all body types and a high rise is often the key to a comfortable pair of jeans.


Don’t always dress jeans down
For many denim is the go-to item so we should treat our jeans now and again. Glam them up with fancy pieces in your wardrobe such as a designer tee or heels. You’ll not only look good but feel comfortable too!

Jeans should celebrate curves
Denim should fit in the right places, not hang off or squeeze your body. Choose a style that’s a good fit around the waist (and derrière) on a semi-full stomach — that way your jeans will never be too tight or loose.

Jeans don’t need a big price tag
Try on lots of styles at different price points to find your perfect jeans. Whether you’re a designer label girl or budget shopper, there’s a style to suit us all. The most important thing is to choose a pair that will survive tons of washes.

Other things to consider when jeans shopping

If a flattering and polished look is important, then choose darker denim over a lighter wash. Be careful when buying distressed denim as any bleaching will draw attention to and emphasise that part of your body. A higher rise will suit curvy women and bigger back pockets will flatter your derrière. Balance out curves with cigarette/straight leg denim and elongate legs with a flared jean.


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