How to Introduce Colour to Your Home


Colour can make or break the overall look of a room. Use too much and the space can end up looking confused. Use too little and it loses that cosy appeal. So how do you introduce colour to your home? Rebecca Williamson is Dulux’s senior colour and design manager and here’s her top tips on adding colour.

Start with a blank canvas
Paint the space white or off-white when you move into a new home. Allow yourself to live in the space before introducing colour. See how the light changes in each room and which ones you use the most and when.

Best way to choose colour
Consider how you want the room to feel and its primary function. For example, bathrooms and kitchens need plenty of light, whereas bedrooms can carry darker colours. Try out a shade by using augmented reality apps or a tester pot.

Put together a decorating scheme
Select a starting shade and build your colour scheme around this reference point. A mixing station at your local DIY store can produce the exact shade. Or go online to see how the colour has previously worked in other schemes. For a blank canvas or makeover, a moodboard of colours, fabrics and items will help you decide how you want the space to look.

Decorating advice you’ve been given
When painting a large area, always select a paler tone of your perfect colour. Why? Because it will look like the original hue you loved once the colour is reflected around the room.

Decorating do’s and don’ts
Always use a decent quality decorating kit and do a tester to see whether the colour works. The main don’t is never paint without preparing the walls first. Granted it’s not fun but it is the secret to a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

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  1. Thank you for brilliant and interesting advice and I will bear this in mind when I decorate a couple of rooms next month.