Broadway At Times Square Hotel, New York

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Broadway At Times Square Hotel, New York

Welcome to Broadway at Times Square Hotel, a three-star establishment offering excellent service. If there’s one hotel you want to book when you’re in the Big Apple, this is definitely the one. Right in the heart of the city, it’s just two blocks from 49th Street Subway Station. Times Square, Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center and Fifth Avenue are all within walking distance. So too is a gorgeous little bakery popular with the locals (and now me too).

I arrive exhausted, having travelled for seven hours by plane and another 15 minutes by taxi. Feeling jet-lagged, I walk in and am greeted by a friendly, super-efficient receptionist. In the blink of an eye, I’m in my accommodation; a cosy yet airy room overlooking another building. Well, it is New York. I make myself a cuppa and sink into the comfortable bed. It’s tastefully adorned with white Egyptian sheets and a plush green velvet runner. There’s not a speck of dust in sight and I’m spoiled for choice when it comes to storage. Despite all the furniture, the room is still a good size.

My observations come to an end when I wonder why I can’t hear the sound of New Yorkers. It’s the evening, the window is open yet my room (on the third floor) is incredibly quiet. Surely, people are on a night out, celebrating and enjoying delicious dinners? I should join them. I’m in the city of dreams but, for now anyway, I prefer to stay on my medium-firm bed.

That night, I slept for nine wonderful hours. Whether it’s the jet-lag, the bed or both I don’t know, but I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to explore New York. This is my first time in New York and I couldn’t have picked a better hotel in terms of price, location and service.

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