Red House Inn, Lilleshall

red house inn

I’m 10 minutes from Newport when my stomach cries out for food. My head tells me to go home and rustle something up, but I’m having one of those days when I can’t be bothered to cook. So I take a left, then a right and pull up in The Red House Inn car park. I step in and the place is buzzing with couples and families. That’s always a good sign as I’m accompanied by my husband and toddler daughter.

The pub restaurant’s modern decor is a mix of upholstered dining chairs, wooden tables, decorative objects and atmospheric lighting. It feels likes Christmas but without the baubles and tree. Always first to want more light, I sit near the window and nosedive into the menu. Surprisingly, there’s quite a few vegetarian options. I’m too hungry to be adventurous and opt for the vegetarian burger, salad and chips. My husband chooses the gammon steak served with roast tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, tarragon butter and chips. My lucky daughter gets to try both meals.

red house inn

There’s a little bit of a wait for the food and when it finally arrives, it’s worth it. It’s beautifully presented and looks delicious. My burger consists of a toasted white bun dressed with fresh lettuce and tomatoes, melting cheddar cheese, a crispy bean burger and topped with gherkins and chilli sauce. It’s a medley of different flavours all happily coming together to create a delicious veggie burger. My husband’s meal is equally enjoyable. The succulent gammon is sourced from a local farm and the vegetables are as fresh as they can be. There’s no room for dessert, I’m full. Had I not been, the warm chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream had my name on it.

I head home satisfied with thoughts of dinner far from my mind. If you’re ever in Lilleshall, stop by The Red House Inn. You won’t be disappointed, promise!

The Red House Inn, Wellington Road, Lilleshall, Newport, TF10 9EW

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