The English Garden You’ve Always Wanted

english garden you've always wanted

Dreamt of creating an English garden but want a few design ideas? You’re in luck. I’ve found some gorgeous outdoor furniture at Maisons du Monde to help you create the charming English garden you’ve always wanted. First, here’s a few tips on planting, layout, materials and furniture.

Plants: Create structure with topiary, climbers and lavish displays of annuals. You don’t have to plant every eye-catching variety that takes your fancy. A couple of choice species around key focus points, such as walls, ornaments and even furniture is more inviting and dramatic. Use lavender and wildflowers where you don’t have structure and bunch colours together where possible.

Rooms: Section a large garden with hedges and walls to create interest and areas of discovery. If you prefer to keep it open and flexible or have a smaller garden then use furniture instead. The plus side of using furniture means it can easily be moved and repositioned when you’re entertaining.

Materials: Emulate the materials of your home in your garden to create a sense of unity between the two spaces. Choose brick or stone for garden walls and paving, and metal and wicker for outdoor furniture like Maisons du Monde have used in their photographs.

Furniture: Garden furniture doesn’t have to be grey, green or black. Introduce colour in materials, fabrics and accessories — and the bolder, the better. Cool blues and brilliant reds will guarantee your garden is always in colour when nothing else is blooming.

Now here’s a selection of the stunning English range at Maisons du Monde.

english garden you've always wanted

english garden you've always wanted

english garden you've always wanted


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