Five Prized Chinese Teas and How To Steep the Leaves

Chinese teas

Chinese teas come in many varieties and some are more famous than others. Here’s five authentic teas treasured by the local market and loved abroad too — all available at Teasenz.

First Flush Longjing Tea

Without a doubt First Flush Longjing is one of the rarest, finest and freshest green teas. This premium longjing is picked in early spring and is extremely popular in China. It’s success means it’s always in demand and finding it is no longer an easy task. This longjing is sourced from Meijiawu, one of the official longjing villages in the West Lake region. One of China’s most celebrated green teas, it’s high in vitamin C and anti-oxydants and best enjoyed during the day.

Flavour: a light brew with a delicate nutty fragrance. Longjing has a soft and sweet flavour that leads to a buttery finish.

Brew: add 3 gram leaves per 500ml/17oz of water heated to 80C/175F and brew in a teapot for 4-5 minutes. Can be brewed twice more, adding one minute for further infusions.

West Lake Dragon Well Tea (Lung Ching Formosa)

West Lake Dragon Well is China’s most prized and famous green tea. This A-grade tea is pan-fired by hand, resulting in a toasty taste and perfectly flattened shape. It can be enjoyed hot or cold and possesses four qualities that set it above other teas: emerald green color, aromatic flavor, overall appearance, and crisp and refreshing taste. A superb green tea for everyday enjoyment.

Flavour: a beautiful smooth taste that combines grassy spring freshness and hazelnut sweetness. Tastes similar to First Flush Longjing.

Brew: add 500ml/17oz of water heated to 85C/185F and steep with 2-4 gram leaves for 3-4 minutes. Brew up to three times, increasing the steeping time by one minute for each subsequent infusion.

Chinese Teas

Dian Hong Tea (Black Needle Tea)

Dian Hong is one of the most well-known teas in China with a beautiful mix of black and yellow tea tips. This gourmet black tea isn’t just elegant in taste, but also has a noteworthy appearance consisting of young leaves as well as golden buds in the shape of needles. Also known as Dian Hong Gong Fu, the combined effects of the caffeine in black tea and aromatic substances can increase blood flow and improve metabolism to get rid of acid, excessive salt (hypertension) as well as ease heart disease.

Flavour: brassy golden orange in colour with an enticing aroma reminiscent of dark chocolate and toast. Dian Hong has a subtly sweet and fresh taste that will not taste bitter when over steeped.

Brew: heat 500ml/17oz of water to 95F/200F and infuse with 2-5 gram leaves and brew for 4 minutes. Brew up to three times, adding 30 seconds to one minute for each subsequent infusion.

Anxi Tie Guan Yin Tea (Ti Kuan Yin Oolong Tea)

An all-time favorite of Chinese oolong tea lovers. This beautiful emerald green tea is named after the Chinese Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin. Poets of the Middle Kingdom have described this premium tea for its purifying taste, bringing you into a peaceful, meditative state of mind.
This tea has been sourced from Anxi for its incredible quality and taste. Daily consumption of oolong tea can help with weight loss.

Flavour: a delicate, smooth liquor that won’t leave a dry after taste. The flowery aroma, sweet taste and complex texture of this tea is like a gift from nature.

Brew: add 2-5 gram leaves to a teapot filled with 500ml/17oz water heated to 100C/212F and brew for 3-4 minutes. Brew up to nine times, increasing the infusion time by a minute for each subsequent drink.

Imperial Jasmine Green Tea Buds

In northern China it is customary to serve Jasmine tea as a welcoming gesture to guests. It’s the perfect brew to promote relaxation and reduce stress. This high-end green tea was reserved for the Imperial families since the Song Dynasty in 960 AD. Combining both the health benefits of green tea and jasmine flowers, it also helps to improve skin and stimulate appetite and digestion.

Flavour: smells and tastes divine. Imperial Jasmine is a delicate, soft, perfumed tea that tastes subtly sweet with each mouthful.

Brew: heat 500ml/17oz of water to 85C/185F and apply 2-5 gram leaves to a teapot and steep for 3-4 minutes. Brew for up to three times, increasing the steeping time by one minute for subsequent brews.

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