Escorted Tour: Japanese Winter Wonderland

Japan is a magnificent destination to visit in winter, with many incredible sights only available during this season. The Otaru Snow Light Path Festival and the Sapporo Snow Festival are two magical displays that will top your must-see list. Another undoubted highlight is watching snow monkeys keeping warm in the hot springs of their natural habitat, Jigokudani. On this Japanese Winter Wonderland tour you will discover these attractions and spend days in Tokyo and Kyoto. You will also see beautiful temples and traditional arts, have time to shop, plus journey on the bullet train. Discover more about this unmissable 12-day winter experience at

Tour Highlights

Kyoto: Japan’s old capital is rich in historic value with over 1,000 Buddhist temples, from architectural masterpieces to secret sanctuaries.

Nijo Castle: ranked number nine on among 1,127 attractions in Kyoto, this castle is one of city’s most impressive sights. It was built as a residence and to protect the shogun from enemies, creaky floorboards were installed to warn of anyone approaching.

Zenkoji Temple: this seventh century sanctuary hides the first Buddhist statue brought into Japan, on the introduction of the religion to the country.

Jigokudani Monkey Park: a unique experience to watch wild Japanese snow monkeys bathe in the hot springs to keep warm.

Tokyo National Museum: discover ancient pottery, beautiful kimonos and samurai swords at the world’s largest collection of Japanese art and heritage.

Skytree: enjoy an unrivalled view of Tokyo from this 634m-high communications tower and the world’s second tallest structure. From the observation decks you can admire views of up to 70km on a clear day.

Mount Hakodate: discover a city of lights in a night-time ascend of this mountain by coach. The impressive sight stretches out between two bays.

Onuma Quashi National Park: visit this beautiful area that includes serene lakes marked by small islands and the majestic dormant volcano, Mount Komagatake.

Noboribetsu Jigokudani: known as hell valley, this area is filled with hot steam vents, sulphurous streams and other volcanic activity, including a 450m crater.

Sapporo Snow Festival: an incredible display of approximately 250 snow and ice sculptures of huge proportions. You can watch some of the works in progress and admire pieces designed by participants of the international ice sculpture contest.

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