Escorted Tour: Temples And Villages Of Burma

Discover the temples and villages of Burma on a 15-day tour of a country hardly touched by the 21st century. Burma, also known as Myanmar, has become a magnet for tourists for its temples, floating gardens and majestic rivers. Find out more about this tour by visiting

Tour Highlights

Train journey around Yangon: this charming and relatively quiet city is rich in colonial and spiritual heritage, making it one of the most fascinating in southeast Asia. Observe the lively and colourful lifestyle of the locals from the comfort of a train before sitting amongst them at a Burmese tea shop.

Shwedagon Pagoda at sunset: no visit to Myanmar is complete without a visit to this 2,500-year-old Buddhist temple. Experience breathtaking views of the golden stupa from this vantage point then watch an oil lighting ceremony.

Tour of Mandalay: enjoy an excursion of the second-largest city and the last royal capital of Myanmar. You will see the area of Mandalay Palace, surrounded by a moat, and Mandalay Hill, which provides views of the city from its summit. This is followed by a visit to Mingun where, what would have been the largest stupa, exists in its incomplete form. The gigantic bell at the stupa is the largest ringing bell in the world.

Temples And Villages Of Burma
Fisherman on Inle Lake. Images: David Lazar/HotSpot Media

Pakokku and Tan-Chi-Taung monuments: Pakokku is a friendly town famed for its tobacco and collegiate monasteries. You arrive here by tuk-tuk and get to explore the local market. Later, you will moor at the foot of the Tan-Chi-Taung Mountains and ascend by jeep to visit a selection of the 3,000 listed monuments at this World Heritage Site.

Shwe Yan Pyay Monastery: this charming red painted teak monastery is popular for its beautiful carvings and images of Buddha. Inside are mosaics, mirrors and ornate carvings, some gilded with gold. It’s occupied by young monks in training, learning about their religion.

Inle Lake: you will wander through the beautiful Alaung Sitthou area, filled with picturesque ancient stupas and magnificent views of the lake below. Then visit Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda (the lake’s main sanctuary), which contains five sacred Buddha images covered in gold leaf.

Bogyoke Market: on your final day you get to pick up some souvenirs like handicrafts and other goods at this popular bazaar.

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