The Cool-Girl Top Knot You Can Do in 60 Seconds

cool girl top knot
Credit: Getty

This cool-girl top knot is the sort of polished street style updo obsessives dream about. It’s perfect for when you’re pressed for time or want an unfussy (yet fabulous) update between hair wash days. And thanks to the plethora of more styles passing the office dress code, you can do this look in less than 60 seconds. This time-saving style also means you can lie-in more (we won’t tell anyone). Press snooze until you’re ready to copy this updo from the A Detacher runway. Ready to join the cool-girl club? Scroll below for the how-to and our favourite buys.

cool girl top knot
Credit: Getty

Get the look: Bend over and apply a small about of styling product (we recommend these at throughout hair. Grab all your hair at the crown, tie with a hairband and loosely twist and pin strands to create the top knot.

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