Brits Divided Over The Nation’s Favourite Biscuit

national biscuit day
The subject of biscuits has the ability to divide the nation

Whether you’re nuts about Ginger Nuts or unable to resist a Chocolate Chip Cookie, we’re a nation of biscuit lovers. And to celebrate National Biscuit Day on Tuesday, a YouGov survey revealed our top five varieties. Instead of putting the kettle on, Brits took to Twitter debating the results with one user claiming: “What this shows is that the nation is even more divided about biscuits than they are about Brexit.”

The chocolate digestive was voted Britain’s best biccy, with 12% of people questioned saying it’s their favourite biscuit. It was followed by the plain digestive in second place (8%), the ginger biscuit in third (7%), the Bourbon in fourth (7%) and the Hobnob in fifth (6%).

The results were supposed to celebrate the sweet snacks, but custard cream fans were not impressed at the classic treat’s ranking. The biscuit came just outside the top five in sixth place (6%), with many taking to Twitter to share their disappointment.

“The fact that custard creams aren’t on here is an absolute travesty!” one user wrote on Twitter. “I refuse to believe custard creams aren’t in the top 5. What sort of a nation are we turning into…” said another.

“Fake news. Where is the custard cream?” one wrote in capitals. “No custard creams?? I’ll take Oreos over some ginger biscuit any day, ruined my day completely,” another added.

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The tweets kept coming with no sign of the debate ending after one user tweeted: “Gonna just say it and this will be unpopular but, custard creams are for peasants.”

The debate raged on with one user declaring: “If these are actually the top five then not only is the UK doomed, it’s also the most bland place on Earth.” Another commented: “Bourbons ahead of custard creams???? When hell freezes over maybe. Start the Aussie revolution…”

Ginger Nut fans also got a battering with one commenting: “What kind of world do we live in where a ginger biscuit can beat custard cream.” Another wrote: “Who the f*** eats ginger biscuits over a custard cream?” While another claimed: “There is something dodgy about this… custard creams and shortbread have to be above ginger biscuits.”

Fans of rich tea, shortbread and fig rolls also expressed their disappointment with one left wondering: “Where’s the party ring?”

It’s not the first time the chocolate digestive has triumphed in the battle of the biscuits. According to a poll by Channel 5 last year, it is consumed at a rate of 52 per second in Britain, while a total seven billion biscuits of all varieties are eaten every year in the UK.