Carla Bruni’s Beauty Secrets to Looking Great Over 50

Credit: Getty

This former model has been in the business long enough to collect a treasure trove of beauty tips. In fact you could say Carla Bruni’s beauty secrets are like gold dust. The 50-year-old has hardly aged since her days as France’s First Lady back in 2007. Here are her top tips to maintain a youthful glow.

1. Wear less makeup. “I just don’t wear quite that much makeup every day. I do use a lot of professional products because I have a makeup artist so I can copy her,” she told Into The Gloss. “The new YSL Tatouage Matte Lip Stain is fantastic. I like a very natural cheek blush and I like a very light fresh gloss instead of heavy lipstick. When I don’t have such a great makeup artist around, I go very, very soft on my skin.”

2. Avoid foundation and use a blemish balm or colour corrector, otherwise known as BB and CC creams. “I like Erborian’s CC Cream — delicious smell. You spread it all over, it unifies your complexion, but doesn’t cover you up. Maybe on the nose, I would use a little blot powder to avoid a sweaty look in my T-zone, and a very good moisturiser underneath.”

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3. Pamper yourself. “I’ll do a little detox mask, and after will follow it with a clay one. Maybe a little steam bath. I have sensitive skin, so what I like is a facial massage. It gives you a real glow, gets rid of puffiness, dryness, and it brings oxygen to your skin.”

4. Hydrate your skin. “I like pharmacy creams with not too much smell. Ones with simple textures that are still very moisturising, like Avène or La Roche Posay. I like the ones that are deeply moisturising because my skin gets really dry.”