Davina McCall Reveals Six-Pack Secret

Chart-topping fitness queen Davina McCall is back with another incredible workout DVD. The TV presenter already has a number of hit DVDs under her belt and her latest release also is a best-seller.

In the DVD, Davina: Power Box and Tone, the 51-year-old star reveals exactly how she gained her amazing six-pack. Watch the video below to find out more.

Like American personal trainer Jillian Michaels, Davina mixes boxing-style movements with sections of cardio and strength which help raise the heart rate and burn fat.

“This program is so much fun you’re not even going to notice you’re getting fit,” Davina said. “You’re going to be practicing boxing-style movements to build strength, tone with some cardio thrown in to help build your fitness.”

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The workout, featuring personal trainer Sarah Gorman, has eight routines, with some lasting between eight and 10 minutes, an intense warm up and relaxing cool down.

She added: “When I first started doing boxing, I wasn’t really getting anything out of it and that’s because I hadn’t properly learned how to box. What Sarah taught me is that you really have to imagine hitting something. The commitment doesn’t come from your shoulder, it comes from your whole body.