Festival Essentials Kit For Girls Who Camp Or Glamp


Glastonbury, Bestival, V — wherever you’re pitching your tent you’ll need this festival essentials kit for girls to help you look the best in field.

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish In Glaston-berry 8ml

If ever there was a nail polish made for festival season, this has gotta be it. Rimmel’s cherry red Glaston-berry is the perfect pop of colour with any festival look.

Palmer’s Flip Balm 7g

Say goodbye to parched lips with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Flip Balm. This lip treat provides long-lasting moisture while refreshing your lips. Available in ripe mango, creamy coconut or juicy watermelon.

Magnitone Wipeout (x2)

Removing makeup has never been so easy with this amazing microfibre cleansing cloth. Simply dip in water and remove long-wearing and oil-based products. Absolutely no cleanser is required and cloths can be reused 1,000 times and are machine washable. It’s as simple as wet and wipe.

Chrysalis Chakra Expandable Bangle

Strengthen your life’s spiritual journey. This expandable chakra bangle will help you balance and enhance your body and mind. Chakra is based on seven energy centres in our body through which energy flows. Feel spiritual and look chic.

MUA Poptastic Palette

Go bold or go home, that’s our motto! It’s time to make eyes pop with this neon bright eyeshadow palette. The collection of 12 pigmented shades can be worn loud and proud for embodying those much coveted summer vibes.

Kitsch Flower Metallic Tattoo Set 2

Glow like a goddess with these flower metallic tattoos. A festival must-have, this tattoo set features dried flowers and butterflies in sparkling silver and cool tones.

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Beverly Hills Formula Activated Charcoal Toothpaste 12ml

Achieve that all-important ‘Hollywood smile’ without the need for harsh abrasives and bleach. The activated charcoal helps to eliminate bad-breath-causing bacteria and neutralises remaining odours, leaving your mouth feeling fresh all day.

Lancaster Sun Beauty Silky Fluid Milk SPF15 50ml

With full light technology, this sunny day essential protects the skin from all four of the sun’s rays. Plus, helping you achieve that ideal sun-kissed golden tan, the new generation formula carries Lancaster’s Tan Activator Complex. SPF15 is ideal for skin that burns minimally and tans gradually.

HangDr Thank Us In The Morning Food Supplement Pack (3 capsules)

Festival drinking is bound to take its toll, but what if you could avoid the dreaded ‘I wish I hadn’t opened my eyes’ hangover. HangDr contains 24 vitamins and minerals that will replenish and revive your body when it needs it most.

Merci Handy New Wave Hand Cleansing Gel 30ml

Small enough to squeeze into any pocket, this handy gel is a lifesaver in an emergency. New Wave hand cleansing gel is a scent that goes with the flow; a fresh, invigorating fragrance that will leave your hands feeling both clean and revived.

Dentyl Active Smooth Mint Mouthwash 100ml

Fight off plaque and bacteria with this mouthwash. The powerful, hard-hitting formula will step up for you to take on the nastiness building on your teeth and gums. It’s alcohol-free, tastes great and doesn’t sting.

The Festival Essentials Box (available from Latest In Beauty) is stocked with products worth over £80.


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