The Cool Girl Hairpin Hairstyle You Can Do In Minutes

hairpin hairstyle
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What was once a silent hero for many of our best hairstyles is now the ‘it’ accessory. Cool girls are using the humble bobby pin to create a fresh look that takes them from the office to the VIP lounge at the club. Take a cue from Anna Cleveland whose hairpin hairstyle was the focal point of her runway style. The stylist for Zac Posen‘s show stacked and cross-crossed pins for a modern take on a classic look.

Here’s how to create the style. Start with a glossy mane using high-shine hair oil (try these from and perk up with a few waves like Cleveland. Use four grips to pin back both sides of your hair and stack two behind your ears. Then secure hair along the back of the head with stacked and crossed pins, working from ears to neck. And you’re done with plenty of time to freshen makeup.

This simple yet pretty accessory works on all hair lengths and textures, and you’ll quickly see that there are countless ways to rock the exposed bobby pin trend without feeling (or looking) like a fool.

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