Halle Berry’s Secret To Building Lean Muscle

Halle Berry’s Secret To Building Lean Muscle

Former Bond girl Halle Berry has a body to die for proving that you can look fabulous after 50. And the A-lister’s secret to building lean muscle? Forget about long sessions at the gym, the latest fitness DVD or investing in expensive workout equipment. Halle uses something that can fit in your handbag — a resistance band.

“I really like working with these very inexpensive bands because they require the use of my own body weight,” Halle told her Instagram followers. “I want to build strength while staying long and lean. I never want to bulk up so I rarely use traditional weights.”

Her awesome body is also down to her focus. Halle trains five days a week and never misses an opportunity to workout. “These bands are so easy to carry that they allow me to exercise wherever I go. I can work out in my trailer while filming, in my office, on vacation in a hotel room, at the beach, in my living room or just about anywhere.”

Halle also has some advice for the boys. “Now, if your goal is to build more muscle mass, the bands come in different resistant strengths. So you can actually add bulk if you want to still use your own body weight. And yes ladies, we love our guys with a little bulk!”

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Halle achieves her sculpted shape with a simple routine that works the whole body. Here’s our favourite moves for beginners and advanced — just ensure you repeat each position for 8 to 12 reps. The Archer works the back, core and arms. Holding the band in each hand, pull back one arm while keeping the other straight.

Squat Curls work the legs, glutes and biceps. Stand on the band with feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Holding a handle in each hand, do a classic squat while raising your arms to head height. Hold then release. Row Boat works the abdominal and back muscles. Sit balanced in the V-position with your feet extended. Fix the band around your feet and pull back as you would with a cable row.

Push-up Lady Liberty works the arms and abs. Holding the band in each hand, push up with your elbows bent and torso straight. Extend at the elbows to reach the high push-up position, turn at the shoulders and reach one hand as high as possible toward the ceiling so your body is in the T-position. Reverse the motion and return to the starting position.