Lift Sagging Jowls With This 5-Minute Facial

Credit: SpaceNK

We tone and massage our body, so why not our face? If you don’t already know, daily facial massaging can help tighten slack skin and keep wrinkles at bay. But applying too much or not enough pressure can have the opposite effect. So what’s the solution?

NuFace Mini Facial Toning — the smart device to lift sagging jowls, contour jawlines, reduce folds and wrinkles, and smooth your complexion.

Apparently, Jane Fonda swears by it and because it’s easy to use and only takes five minutes, it won’t end up in your unused gadget heap. The device works by harnessing microcurrent technology, the hottest innovation in the anti-ageing industry, and can improve the appearance of skin in just five minutes.

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To use, apply NuFace gel primer to cleansed skin and glide the device over your face in an upward motion. It’s that easy. If you only buy one facial-toning appliance in your life, this is the guy.