How to Master Bella Hadid’s Ultra-Sexy Cat Eye

master the cat eye
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The best way to master the cat eye is practice, patience and lots of makeup wipes. Stick with it and in time you open yourself up to a world of eyeliner possibilities. Need a visual? Take a look at Dior beauty ambassador Bella Hadid. The supermodel worked a retro touch with an ultra-sexy hollow cat eye.

To copy the look, you’ll need a liquid eyeliner with an ultra fine tip like Eyeko’s Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. Thinly line the upper lash and extend into a sharp wing. Now create the key move. Draw a semi-circle starting from the wing and work back above the crease to create a cat eye with skin peeking through. Finish with a few coats of mascara like Eyeko’s Last Alert Mascara (a mascara and treatment in one shot).

With all that effort to maximise a gorgeous gaze, Hadid kept the rest of the look classic in comparison. A rosy blush and matching nude lip completing her makeup and her hair up in a super-tight ponytail.

If there was ever a time to the master the cat eye, it’s now.

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