This Is What Miranda Kerr Eats To Stay In Shape

miranda kerr diet
Miranda Kerr follows a healthy diet 80% of the time

You may think she survives on grass and seeds, but Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr’s diet is all about moderation. She enjoys a curry, chocolate and cake from time to time, but largely sticks to a balanced regime. Like most healthy people, the supermodel follows the 80/20 rule — eating healthy 80 per cent of the time and having a treat the other 20 per cent.

According to her former chef, Kerr avoids anything with chemicals in it. Her diet includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, salmon and gluten-free pasta.

“She does eat clean, she really believes in the 80/20 diet,” Kate McAloon told the Australian Daily Telegraph. “I met Miranda when she was with Orlando [Bloom]. They both love my curries, light chicken or vegetarian curries with coconut, as well as quinoa, salmon and vegetables. She tries not to eat anything with chemicals, no rice, just the lower GI carbs,” the chef said.

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Kerr told Your Fitness: “Sometimes you can’t avoid eating something that isn’t so healthy if that is all that is on offer, but I try to make sensible choices most of the time, so I don’t give myself a hard time if I have something a little naughty.”

The model stays in shape by working out in the morning, rather than the evening. She tries to do 30 minutes of yoga combined with either pilates or strength training, using weights and resistance bands which help elongate and tone her muscles.

She told Body & Soul: “I like to exercise every day, but I mix it up. Sometimes I’ll go for a walk or a run, or I’ll do pilates or resistance training. I may even just put some music on and let Flynn dance around while I hold the plank position for 10 minutes to strengthen my core.”