The New Way To Wear Perfume Is Destined To Be A Hit

Credit: Jo Loves

There’s a new way to wear perfume which puts an end to spraying and spilling. Fragrance virtuoso Jo Malone is known for pushing boundaries and her latest creation is pure genius.

Enter the fragrance paintbrush which introduces a whole new way of capturing, applying and wearing perfume wherever you are. A ‘first-of-its-kind innovation’, the paintbrush lets you literally paint your favourite Jo Loves scent onto your body.

There are four scents to choose from: refreshing and energising Pomelo, which is fast becoming a cult classic. White Rose and Lemon Leaves, which boasts subtle strands of citrus and the softest cedarwood. Green Orange & Coriander, a blend of bitter green citrus and culinary herbs, and Red Truffle 21, which pairs this rare culinary delicacy with fresh, green fig and bitter citrus to create a confident and contemporary new classic.

The fragrance paintbrush is destined to be a hit — and here’s why. It’s more subtle than a spray, so can be kept in your handbag for top-ups on the go (think confined spaces like a lift where sprays just won’t do). Not only does it eliminate leaks in your bag, but the unique gel formula can be applied directly to pulse points and dries in seconds. So you (and everyone else in the lift) can breathe easy. Pretty innovative, huh.

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For last-lasting freshness, sweep the brush from head to toe, across your neck, up and down your arms and body, even the back of your legs, or dot behind your ears and onto wrists and shoulders. But avoid painting on your face (or hair and clothes), there’s other products like the cleanser that’s worth trying. The Jo Loves collection also includes luxury candles and body creams.