Olivia Wilde’s No-Fuss Wake-Up to Makeup Skincare Ritual

Credit: Getty

She’s a mum, busy actress and super-lazy, so Olivia Wilde’s beauty routine is quick and low key. She describes her everyday skincare as a ritual that provides as much emotional comfort as physical. Using only seven products and her fingers, the actress goes from wake-up to makeup in under fives minutes. Here’s her movie star routine.

Wilde begins with True Botanicals Clear Face Wash to keep acne at bay, then slathers on True Botanicals Renew Face Oil, a sinks-right-in serum that doubles as her moisturiser.

“I apply my face oil in a way that actually feels more like a face massage than anything else. The woodsy, natural fragrance, hitting key pressure points… really does make a difference in how I feel internally,” she says.

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For makeup, she dabs concealer under her eyes before creating subtle flicks on the outer corners of her eyes using a liquid liner. “I don’t really use brushes, I just use my fingers, because I have them with me at all times,” she explains perfecting the wing with a saliva-drenched swab.

She then presses highlighter into her cheekbones, blends a soft pink blush into her cheeks and lips and finishes with a coat of Rodin Lip Balm.

“Overall, my beauty approach is low key, but thoughtful. I don’t obsess over beauty but I try to be kind to my skin,” she says. “If I need a pop of colour, I’ll use a little Rodin lipstick.”