Shanina Shaik’s Tips On Nailing Her Barefaced Beauty

barefaced beauty
Credit: Getty

For Shanina Shaik, barefaced beauty is best. The Victoria’s Secret model has embraced minimalist makeup with a passion, making it her trademark look for almost all occasions.

Dotting concealer only where it’s needed and using a tinted moisturiser, are her favourite beauty hacks. As for must-have products, Shanina always travels with Estee Lauder brightening serum + concealer ( and Nars tinted moisturiser (

She says: “I don’t really wear foundation, I find it’s too thick on my skin and looks like a mask. The great thing about tinted moisturiser is when you find a colour that’s really good for your skin and then just use concealer where you need it, you can’t even tell you’ve got make up on. It just looks like you’ve got great skin!”

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Shanina adds: “If you want to apply foundation or cover-up, mix it with your moisturiser first — don’t just use the foundation alone. I find it goes into your skin and gives it a more natural look, so you don’t get what I call ‘the mask’. Nobody wants that over-makeup look.”

She also likes to carry a mascara, preferring Maybelline NY Great Lash ( because it wakes up her eyes.